Having this in your holiday shopping arsenal will make this year a little easier on your wallet.

Just like you, I have multiple people on my list for holiday shopping this year.  And just like you I get frustrated, tired and dread the thought of looking at bank statements and credit card bills after the first of the year.  So what if I told you there was something that could give you a little reward for all your hard work?  What if you could make money for your holiday shopping?

I’m serious.  And it isn’t a scam, or a joke.

It’s the real deal.  In 2016 I made over $500 just for shopping like I normally would. Really.

It’s called Ebates.

If you haven’t heard of it, let me give you the idea and then I’ll share with you how it works.

Ebates offers you money back on your purchases.  The amount you’ll get back varies by store and by day.  Sometimes they offer special incentives (like an extra $5.00 on a $25.00 purchase at certain stores).


I wanted to also let you know that you can now use Ebates even when you’re shopping in store!  That’s right!  Now you can connect your credit or debit card and get all that Ebate goodness as your out and about.  Which is perfect for Black Friday (and beyond)!


Instead of heading right to the store, you go through the Ebates website. You search their website for the store, or even a product your’re looking for. Click on it and head to the website from Ebates.  Shop, make your purchase, and that’s it!

How It Works:

Referrals.  Basically Ebates has agreements with these stores to drive referral traffic (you).  In exchange for the traffic, and your purchase, they get a percentage of that.  You, in turn, get a percentage of their percentage.  Make sense?

I’ll show you my account so you can see exactly what I mean.

Shopping Trips:
Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

The image above shows you all of my shopping trips for September 2015.  You can see the check marks show that I will receive cash back on the purchases I made on those trips because I went through Ebates.  (The other non checked trips I had not made purchases.  I thought I might, so that’s why I went through Ebates, just in case).

We’ll use my trip to GoDaddy as our example.  

GoDaddy usually offers 7% cash back (which is high for the site.  Most average around 2-4%) but I’ve even seen them offer double up to 14% cash back on GoDaddy.

During this particular purchase, I spent $403.74 so my cash back is $28.26.  That’s pretty darn good!

Granted, it’s one of the better ones.

Pending Cash Back

Click to enlarge

You can see most of my cash back is under $5.00.  But that’s OK.  It adds up.  Besides, for the little effort it takes to go through Ebates to get the cash back, I’ll deal with it.  I like getting money back on my purchases!

How you get paid:

You have a few options when it comes to payment.

  1. Paper check
  2. Paypal
  3. You can even send your check to someone else!

Ebates pays out quarterly.  With the cutoff for the next payment about a month before the payment would be issued.  So for this 11/15/15 payment, the cutoff for adding new cash back items was roughly 10/15/15.  With everything after that date starting to accumulate for the next Big Fat Payment.

cash back summaryI suppose you’re wondering if it really does add up over time and the answer is yes!  It so totally does.  Here is the proof.

So after my next Big Fat Check for $149.85, I’ll have made $430.74 in 2015.

Not too shabby.

So click here to head over to Ebates and get this secret weapon in your holiday shopping arsenal too.

Plus, when you sign up and make a $25.00 purchase, you’ll get a $10.00 gift card of your choice!