WTF Wednesday: All-Natural Rainbow Pasta (Ridiculous or Genius?)

Creative recipes are great, but is this rainbow pasta too much?

Who doesn’t love pasta?  With all the variety it offers, sauces, types of pasta, regular or wheat, even rice and glass.  Talk about options.  You can even buy pasta made with veggies like this veggie penneat Target.

So why in the world would someone go through all the trouble to make dyed rainbow pasta?

Not to sound like a debbie downer here, but what is the point?  The dying process does not add any nutritional value, it takes up time that I could be spending with my kids and it is gone in minutes.

That is, if your kid even eats it.  Have you met a child?  Chances are they are a picky eater.  No food can be touching, no food can look “funny”, this recipe wouldn’t fly at my house.  I’d be stuck eating rainbow pasta for days.

Looking for the recipe?  Check it out here.

So what do you think?  Ridiculous or Genius? Let us know in the comments.