The ad in question:

“6 months pregnant, don’t want it. Willing to trade it for $ or drugs. Guaranteed white, so don’t come at me cheap, serious offers only.”

Oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t want your baby?  Why not sell it for drugs.


While this story is still under investigation, we’ll assume for now that it’s true because I want to talk about that.

If it is true, I’m disgusted.

There are three very important things that we need to take away from this story.

1. These are the people who should not procreate.

There are so many women in this world who want kids.  They desperately want to have children and no matter how much they try, it just doesn’t happen.

I know that the world is cruel and unfair, but it shouldn’t be like this.  When so many women are faced with the very real possibility that they can’t ever have children, why should one be able to sell her baby for drugs?

2. This woman needs help.

Let’s say for a second that she is so ridiculously addicted to whatever her drug of choice is that she is willing to trade her own baby to get high.

That’s a cry for help loud and clear if I ever heard one.

While I feel as though she should get no sympathy, no nothing because it makes my stomach churn. I am going with the optimistic approach on this list item that maybe she just can’t help herself.

The drug has such a hold over her that she can’t think about anything else.  And if that’s the case, she needs help and the baby needs to be raised by someone else.  At least until she gets her life back together and kicks her addiction.

There are some many women in this world who try and try and can’t have children.  And here is this woman, trying to sell her unborn child to get high.

3. What the hell is wrong with her?

Now that my brief moment of sympathy and optimism has passed, I mean really, what the hell is wrong with her?

I look at my daughter and I can’t imagine giving her up.  I can’t imagine giving her away to the highest bidder.

What I can imagine is fighting for my daughter.  For doing everything within my power to sheild her from the negativity of this world and to give her a childhood.  A childhood free of drugs, over-use of technology.  A childhood like we had.  Where we came in for dinner when the streetlights came on and we played with others, not just sat in front of a TV, tablet or phone.

I’m getting off topic.

To sum it all up.  I really, REALLY hope that this is a hoax.  That this woman just has a large muffin top and was doing it for attention or some other silly reason.

And if she is pregnant, she needs to deal with it.  Quit whatever the hell she is taking and grow the fuck up.

That is all.


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