I could have titled this post a couple different things. “Why Our Cat and Baby Are Spirit Animals.” “Why Our Cat and Baby Should be BFFs.” On particularly challenging days: “Ways Our Cat and Baby Can Both Act Like Assholes.” But the thing is, our cat and baby are basically the same person. Creature.

Why our Cat and Baby are Basically the Same CreatureWhen we first brought our son home from the hospital and he slept 18 hours a day, he was very much cat-like. Eat, sleep, poop, repeat. Just like a cat.

Right now, they both get around on all fours. The baby is probably envious that the cat can climb the bookshelves and walk on the table. The cat is terrified that the baby can now actually MOVE.

Both weigh 20-something-ish pounds. (Okay, truthfully, the mammoth cat weighs 24 pounds and outweighs the baby by a couple pounds.)

If something is wrong, both will immediately let you know it. You’ll hear the baby cry and fuss or the cat will let out his wimpy meow. (For such a big cat, he really does have a lame kitten-y meow.)

They both like milk. True, the baby gets his in a bottle and the cat laps his up from a bowl on the floor. Uh… The kid’s done that sometimes, too. Anything on the floor is fair game… to anybody.

They both love being outside. They also both love eating grass. The baby has yet to barf up grass the way the cat does, though.

The floor is almost always covered with cat hair balls that blow around like tumbleweeds. I’m not sure how our cat doesn’t have massive bald spots with the way he sheds, but the baby LOVES playing with cat hair tumbleweeds. For awhile he tried to eat them. Now he just finds one and holds it up victoriously. And then tries to get us to eat them.

They both have all these toys scattered all over the house, but would rather play with random stuff like toilet paper, phone chargers, or shoelaces.

Neither one likes having his feet messed with. If you tickle my son’s feet, you may end up getting kicked in the teeth. If you mess with the cat’s feet, it’s highly likely that blood will be drawn.

Neither one is crazy about going to the vet. (Yes, on more than one occasion, we’ve referred to taking the baby to the doctor as “going to the vet.”) They both get shots at the vet, so neither one is really down with that. Thankfully, the baby hasn’t pooped on thedoctor. Can’t say the same for the cat.

Both have a knack for sometimes waking us up in the middle of the night, though they go about it in different ways. The baby does it by talking in his sleep or rolling over and whacking the side of the crib. The cat (all 24 pounds of him) will just lay on my husband’s chest and nearly smother him while attempting to groom his eyebrows. In the dark. At 3 a.m.

Both seem to have a thing for our electronic devices. The cat sees an open laptop as an invitation to come nap on your hands as you’re typing. The baby sees an open laptop/remote control/iPhone/iPad as something to stare at/chew on/drool on/smash on the floor.

Poop happens, and with a cat and a baby, it happens a lot. My husband and I have an unspoken agreement about doody duty. I’m home with the kid during the day, so I’m the one who most often deals with the poopy diapers. At the end of the night, my husband empties out the litter box.

Both of them seem to be confused about why we take their poop. The cat will watch my husband scoop out the litter box and dump the clumps into a plastic bag for dropping it into the garbage. The baby looks concerned when you take his diaper, roll it up, and dispose of it. As if both of them want their poop back. Trust us, we’re doing you both a huge favor.

And, while we’re on the subject of cat and baby bathroom habits, both of them seem to love hanging out in the bathroom. The cat likes to drink out of the toilet. If the baby sees an open toilet, it’s splash time! They also both love to watch the toilet being flushed and are mesmerized by the disappearing/reappearing water.

The cat and the baby are both fascinated by whatever we’re eating. At dinner, the cat will stare longingly at whatever we have on our plates, although he usually turns his nose up at it if we offer it to him. (Unless it’s turkey or chicken.) The baby will just try to get his hands on whatever is about to go in our mouth. He eats everything.

Both the cat and baby love staring out the front door. The cat usually sleeps in the sunshine. The baby bangs on the glass and waves at people walking by.

The snuggle is real. Both the cat and the baby are always down for some good snuggling. There’s nothing quite like holding a sleepy baby or having a warm, purring furball all cuddled up against you.

Seriously, I don’t know how these guys aren’t BFFs. They have so much in common.

Author note: We actually have two cats, but I only wrote about one. The other cat actually acts like a cat, avoids the baby at all costs, and we hardly ever see her.