When I first met my husband, I couldn’t figure out why I was going through so much paper towel.  Turns out, he HATES sponges.  So anything (besides actually washing dishes) that you would use a sponge for, like wiping down counter tops, he refused to use a sponge for.  Instead, you guessed it, he used paper towel.

Now, I’ve got a way around it.  With the Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder from Ototo.

Give Your Sponge Sweet Dreams On This Tiny Bed


Here’s why my husband hates sponges.

  1. They hold in bacteria.
  2. They smell.

Now I can’t deny #2, but I got around the bacteria by filling the sponge with water and microwaving it.  At least I hope.

With the Clean Dreams bed for your sponge, the sponge sits with air being able to penetrate all sides.  Which means the sponge can completely dry out, and leaves no room for bacteria to grow.  Yay clean sponge!

Plus, it’s super cute.  🙂