No matter how experienced we are, no matter how old our children are, we all worry.  We want our kids to grow up feeling safe, protected and yet able to have the freedom to be themselves.  According to a new study released by  C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, worries that parents have today are a broad range.

You might be surprised at some of them. So let’s dig in.



Stress comes in at number 10 with 41% of parents having this as a worry.  Raising this year by one from 2014.

Teen Pregnancy


Teen pregnancy isn’t something new, and for good reason, 42% of parents worry about it.  Moving up from 10th place in 2014.

School Violence


Something must be going right.  While school violence still falls at number 8 on the list, it dropped from the number 5 spot in 2014. (45%)

Smoking & Tobacco Use


Today smoking comes in at number 7.  Back in 2014 it was at number 4.  A drastic difference in jut a year.



This one surprised me a bit.  Jumping from 13th place in 2014 to 6th in 2015. Sexting is a big worry for parents and with the need for kids to have smart phones you can see why.

Child Abuse & Neglect


Coming in with 49%, and rising from 6th place in 2014 to 5th place this year is Child abuse and neglect.  I’d love to say there is a light at the end of this tunnel, but it seems as though every day I turn on the news and there is another story of a child being left in a hot car or something equally as bad. Like this woman trying to sell her unborn baby for drugs.

Internet Safety


This is a big one. There is only so much we can do as parents to keep our children safe online.  Jumping from 8th place to 4th this year, the threat to kids on the internet is very real, and not getting better, at least in the eyes of adults, anytime soon. (51%)

Drug Abuse


Most of us knew someone when we were growing up that took drugs a little too far.  Even drinking.  Either they couldn’t stop, or didn’t want to.  They wanted to experiment, or got pressured into it.  Regardless, it’s a slippery slope.  Staying at #3 both this year and last with 53% is drug abuse.



Whether it happens online or face-to-face, bullying is a very serious problem.  Like drug abuse, bullying stays at it’s #2 rank for another year with 58%.

And finally, the #1 worry is…

Childhood Obesity

boy with ice cream

Childhood obesity comes in as number 1.  With so many factors going into childhood obesity, and when working in combination can contribute to a child’s risk of childhood obesity.  Some of these factors include:

  • Diet
  • Exercise (lack of)
  • Family
  • Psychological & Socioeconomic factors.

To find out more about childhood obesity, visit the Mayo Clinic website.

What did you think of the study?  Any of your worries that aren’t included?

We only focused on a portion of the study, the entire study was also broken down by demographic. We focused on the 10 worries by all adults who participated.