Welcome to Chocolate + Chaos!

Let’s rock this parenting thing together.

I’m Catrina Carne.  I’m a mom, a coffee-addict, and a Digital Content Manager. Some days I’m a short order cook, a maid, a servant…

Truth is, I’m all of those things sometimes and so much more.  That’s just it, we are so much more.

We aren’t just parents.  We’re unique individuals who still have wants, needs and interests that outstretch that of our offspring. I hope that’s why you’re here too.

We have a wonderful group of contributors from all over the world with vastly different views, experiences and advice to share.

Think of Chocolate & Chaos as an outlet, a getaway, when you can’t get away.  Or a place to learn something, or share.  I hope that’s what it becomes for you.  It is for me.

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