Today I stumbled upon what is possibly the most amazing car commercial yet. I found it on Ad Age CREATIVITY in an article titled “An Audi Gives Birth to an Audi in Ad for the RS3 Sportback“.

Let me just say it is spectacular.  I never thought I’d see an R8 giving birth to a car. Let alone the baby RS3 being covered in an unknown substance (gasoline perhaps?) as it is pushed out of “mom”.

It almost made me a little sad, hoping that there were no Audi’s injured in the making of the video.

The Audi R8 is something that dreams are made of and I can’t help but drool on the few occasions I’ve seen them in person. (I live in Milwaukee, we aren’t so lucky to have fab cars around here, what with being the frozen tundra and all.) So if the R3 is anything like its amazing, legendary mama then it might just be on my wish list as something I could actually obtain in my lifetime.

Until then, I’m just going to marvel at the idea that an Audi gave birth.  Check out the video here.  (You won’t be sorry!)