Bundles & Co. is setting the stage for second-hand children’s clothes.

We all know that having kids is expensive.  If you’re expecting or thinking of having children, just know that when I say expensive, I mean EX-PEN-SIVE!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I remember online shopping while I was pregnant.  A $20.00 top?  Sure!  A $50.00 jacket?  No problem.  And then she arrived and I was shelling out hundred’s of dollars a month between formula, diapers and childcare.

Then it turned into scouring aisles for sales.  Feeling proud when I found a top or pants for under $5.00.  Or buying clearance/sale items at the end of the season for the following year.

Now, I’ve found Bundles & Co. and I can’t wait to tell you about it.  So I will.  Right now.

Who They Are:

All of us who founded Bundles & Co. are parents. We grew tired of buying overpriced baby clothing, watching our kids quickly outgrow that clothing, and then driving bins of those lightly used clothes to a consignment store to recieve next to nothing as payment. We believed that the experience of buying and selling baby clothes could be improved, so we started a company to make that happen.

~ Bundles & Co Website

Seriously, how great is that? When moms come together to solve a problem magical things happen.  Their misson:

To save parents time, effort and money by allowing them to buy and sell pre-owned baby and toddler clothes online.

And who doesn’t want to save time, effort and money?  Plus, I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a ton of baby clothes just sitting in storage containers in my basement.

Since Bundles & Co. began, they’ve had a fabulous success rate.  Speaking with Anna from the company, there has only been one seller who didn’t send clothes that matched their guidelines.  Those clothes, about 20 pieces, were donated to the Salvation Army.

Some of our favorite items currently on sale:

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Interested in selling your children’s clothes? For information on selling with Bundles & Co click here. Or perhaps you’re looking to buy?  You can check out their online store here.