Safe, Natural Scents to Use in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Using safe, natural scents for kids makes bedtime easier.

As a parent, you may find bedtime a particularly stressful time. Just when you are exhausted and ready to rest, your child wants to do anything but lie down. Whatever you can do to help them wind down and go to sleep would be welcome. Sometimes that involves reading stories or tickling their back, but there are other ways to adjust the environment to promote calm and relaxation. You might make sure curtains are heavy and closed to keep out any light. You could also shut off electronic devices and make sure bedding is soft and clean. One other thing you can do is add a scent to promote calm and relaxation more subconsciously.

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How to Use Scent

The best way to add a new aroma to your child’s room is with a few drops of essential oil. You can add it to a cloth and put it under the pillow, add it to the bedding or bath or if the child is older, or put it in a diffuser. You may not want to set a diffuser where a younger child can get hold of it, as some essential oils are not safe for consumption. Here are some scents you might consider.


Nearly everyone has heard of the soothing effects of lavender. It is often used to promote a state of calm in massage parlors, and even in foods. It is a common ingredient in soaps and skin care products. You are also likely to find laundry products that are lavender scented.
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Lilac scent is a little more difficult to come by, but is worthwhile if you can find it. It’s lovely, light scent reminds one of springtime. This scent is sure to send your child gently to sleep with dreams of delicate blossoms waving in the evening breeze.
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There are certain culinary scents that make you feel right at home. Cinnamon and apple pie both come to mind, but may be a bit too spicy to induce sleep. Vanilla on the other hand is a mild scent that reminds one of being in the kitchen when wonderful things are happening. It’s not too intrusive and should help promote better sleep and calm.
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Sandalwood has long been favored by both the Greeks and Chinese for promoting calm in mind and body. Introduce this scent to your child’s room to help them calm down after a long day at school or play. This can be a good one to bring along during family travel. It will be strong enough to remind them of home, and promote that same feeling of relaxation wherever you are.
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When helping your child to wind down after a long day, having a bedtime routine helps. Giving kids specific actions such as a bath or a story that tell their body it is time to relax can help them better prepare for bed. But introducing a subtle element such as scent can complement your efforts and may even help things to go a little more smoothly.