A Must-have Product Designed Especially with Young Boys and “Number One” in Mind.

 I purchased The Number One Cup to support a local mom friend and at first I was unsure about it, remembering stories that my late mother-in-law (who only had sons) told about carrying a regular cup around in the car for pee emergencies. After hearing her stories, I wrote off peeing in a cup as crass …and then I had a son of my own.

The Number One CupEnter The Number One Cup. The brainchild of single mother of 3 boys, Emily Baldwin, this simple receptacle is a must for every parent of boys heading out in the car. It’s the perfect invention for roadside “gotta go now” emergencies.

I won’t lie, my family had a good laugh upon receiving the cup into our car. It has a little pee drop, skull and crossbones face which warns unknowing passengers against drinking the contents. But then my 7-year-old son (and full disclosure my husband too) looked up at me with grateful eyes and asked “I can really use this?” I nodded yes.

My son laughed the first time he tried it begging us all to cover our eyes. I prayed he didn’t miss and get the car seat instead so I peeked. At first he tried holding it upside down and that made me jumpy up but after learning the proper placement, using it is like second nature to him. I would practice in the bathroom before taking it into the car.

The snap close lid is my favorite part of the product because I have zero worries about spillage. That assurance alone makes it better than peeing in a standard cup and worth it to me.

My son (and possibly my husband too) have been using the cup on long trips and it is working for us. And, the bonus, my family hasn’t become in the least bit crass. Now, did I hear someone say Number Two Cup…anyone?

Here are some other facts about The Number One Cup:

  1. Priced well at 12.95

  2. BPA-free

  3. It has a tethered lid so it won’t get lost

  4. It has a tapered bottom to fit into cup holders

  5. Easy to use

  6. Includes sanitary wipes

For more information on The Number One Cup click here.