I’m not planning on entirely giving up my yoga pants, wine, or coffee but with the New Year here and everybody talking about their resolutions, I thought maybe I should make some of my own.

1. More water.
When I was pregnant, I guzzled water, sometimes getting 80 or 90 ounces a day. Since giving birth, I’ve gone back to drinking a cup or two of coffee in the morning, maybe a soda or two, and not a whole lot of water. I drink some here or there throughout the day, but I know I’m not getting 8 glasses a day! I also need to kick my Coke habit – the soda, that is. I never used to drink a whole lot of soda, but when I got pregnant, the one thing I seemed to crave quite a bit was a big ol’ fountain Coke. Now there’s always a 12-pack in the fridge. I don’t need the stupid sugar or empty calories. 
2. More fruit.
I don’t know what happened. When I was pregnant, I ate fruit like crazy. The lunch/snacks I would take to work usually consisted of a bunch of grapes, an apple or two, a container of mixed berries or pineapple, and sometimes an orange or a banana. I grazed on fruit all day long. Now I seem to have totally lost the taste for it. We buy fruit often, because it always sounds good, but then I don’t always eat it all. And then before it goes bad, I usually end up turning it into baby food for my son!
3. Get out of the house more.
This is a tough one. I’m a homebody, I hate driving in our area, and with winter coming, we’re bound to have some cold, yucky weather. But I’ve been doing some research and I suppose my son and I should get out and about more often. Our library does story and playtime for infants a few times a week. There’s a kids’ gym that has baby and parent classes nearby. The movie theater does a “crybaby matinee” every week where you can bring your baby to the theater and watch a movie. They don’t make it totally dark, they lower the volume, people are free to bring their babies and if they cry or disrupt the movie, oh well – that’s why it’s the “crybaby matinee.” And if there’s nothing good playing, I guess I can always do laps with the stroller around our ginormous shopping mall.
4. Get organized.
As a SAHM, I’ve got plenty of time on my hands to get stuff done. But, there’s always a lot to do, and with a 7 month old, he kind of dictates the schedule, so whatever things I need to get done get done in between his naps and feedings! And in addition to attempting to keep the house clean and the laundry baskets from overflowing, I try to write and promote my writing whenever I can – which means social media time, writing and sharing blog posts, and working on my next writing project. Since my son has gotten a little bit older, it seems like we’ve finally found our daily rhythm and routine. We have a schedule that’s pretty stable, so it makes it a little easier to try to get stuff done during the day. My books and blog posts don’t write themselves! But there are still some days where I look at the clock and wonder where the day went!
I guess I could also vow to lose ten pounds, too. This isn’t baby weight, this is what I like to call my “happily married weight” – the kind that slides on slowly after you get married, things settle down, and you’re blissfully going out to eat a few times a week, visiting wineries and going to boozy brunch on the weekends… I don’t regret gaining those ten pounds, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them go bye-bye by swimsuit season. Oh, hey, maybe that’s where New Mom Resolutions 1 and 2 come in! I just have to remind myself that wine doesn’t count as fruit. Does it?