We just posted about Netflix increasing their maternity and paternity leave to a full year after the birth or adoption of a child.  Now, in a blog post released today by Microsoft, it seems they are following suit.

In the post “The employee experience at Microsoft: Aligning benefits to our culture,” Microsoft explains it’s new policy.

Currently, they offer 8 fully paid under maternity disability for new moms.  For all parents they offer 12 weeks (4 paid, 4 unpaid).  Now, they are offering 12 fully paid weeks for maternity leave and paternity leave.  This totals 20 weeks of fully paid leave when you add on the maternity disability.  And the last addition?  Short-term disability leave that covers the two weeks prior to their due date.

Like Netflix, they are offering some flexibility in the leave.  New parents can choose to take the leave all at once, or split it into two.

I think this may be catching on…

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Image credit: Microsoft – Microsoft is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies