Helpful Hints for Managing Life’s Chaos in 2018

Some have called motherhood the highest calling in the world. While being a mom has its many joys, it also entails a lot of responsibility. Add a full- time job to the mix, and you are bound to deal with plenty of chaos. Try some of these handy tips for a more peaceful 2018:


Get Organized

Is getting organized close to the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions? It is part of the annual spring cleaning ritual. An article from suggests that you start by kicking the clutter. Now that the winter holidays are over, you have the perfect time to weed through your kids’ toys and clothes. If you have not used or worn something within the last six months, it is time to donate, recycle, or toss it. You will be amazed at the extra space that is created with you declutter your house!


Trim Your Calendar

When you think of clutter, you probably picture useless junk that is lying around your house. Your daily calendar can also be cluttered with time wasters. Take a careful inventory of all the activities your family is involved in, and see which ones are not working for you anymore. Has your teen lost interest in the basketball team? Do you dread chairing the school PTA meetings again this year? Are you always asked to help with fundraisers for the school or in your place of worship?

Lighten your responsibilities this year, and learn to say “no” with a smile. If some of your kids’ extra-curricular activities are just a hassle for them and you, then stop doing them. Your schedule will be a lot smoother if you cut out the dreaded activities, and make room for things your family really wants to do.


Take Time To Relax

Over the past year, were you often too tired to enjoy your life? Make it a priority this new year to get some rest. The benefits of getting proper rest may include weight loss, extra brain power, and an increase in creative energy, says an article from Try to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and take naps when you need them. Learn to relax even while awake, by breaking down tasks into manageable chunks and tackling them one at a time. According to doTERRA, lavender extract can help calm the mind and soothe stress while you’re at work, or before sleeping.

You should never feel guilty for recharging your body. Treat yourself to some relaxing activities, such as a leisurely bubble bath, or sleeping in on the weekend. You will feel more refreshed and able to deal with family responsibilities.


Nobody has a perfect, stress-free life. However, these are tips you can use to minimize the chaos. Remember that quality beats quantity when it comes to family time. Be kind to yourself, and it will be easier care for your loved ones.