How to Make Your Home Smell Like You Don’t Have Kids

It’s no secret that children brought a new level of joy into your life. But along with the laughter and adventure, you home has changed in some less pleasant ways — like the way it smells. While eu de chicken nuggets may once have been appetizing and the aroma of playdough may not have bothered you in the past, it can be a little embarrassing when you have guests over. Here are a few ways to make your home smell more inviting.

Clean Thoroughly

One of the leading causes of unpleasant home odors is hidden grime. This can be from dirty dishes left in the sink for a day too long, dirty sneakers laying out in the hallway, musty towels laying on the bathroom floor, and more. Winter coats, backpacks and a lunchbox that hasn’t been cleaned for weeks also may all emit an odor that permeates through the home.

It’s not your fault — you’re busy! And trying to keep up with kids is like racing the wind. Don’t be afraid to encourage your kids (and prod if needed) to do their part in age-appropriate ways around the house. It is also helpful if you spend a few minutes each morning and evening completing a few general cleaning tasks. Using nicely fragrant cleaning products can help make the tasks more pleasant.

Bake Regularly

Cleaning products may be scented, but we can all tell the difference between artificial lemon and the real deal. For a more inviting aroma, indulge a little by baking! There’s a reason why people baking chocolate chip cookies before an open house. Find a cookie or bread recipe you’ve been meaning to try and give it a shot. These are scents that can spread throughout the home and that most people find pleasant.

If you don’t have the time or baking’s just not your thing, simmering cinnamon sticks or a capful of vanilla in a pot of water in your stove is a quick way to achieve the same effect.

Use Scented Candles or Diffused Oils

Most people don’t bake every day, and to be honest it’s kind of an time consuming way to keep a home smelling fragrant. Instead of burning candles that can be knocked down and create a fire hazard, try scented wax warmers. Plug-in air fresheners are also very effective.

If you’re worried about the chemicals released by wax and chemical air fresheners, diffused essential oils are very effective at banishing odor. They may even have additional beneficial effects depending on which oil you use. For the best results, stay away from heavy or particularly strong fragrances.

Don’t give up — with a little effort in the right places, it is possible to have a lovely home and kids at the same time!

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