The awesome season of autumn is upon us and with it comes the fall of colorful leaves from the trees, conkers and acorns on the ground and warm, comfy food in our tums! This splendid season always makes me yearn for yummy, cozy soup, stuffed to the brim with goodness.
Speaking of which, I happen to be the proud owner of something rather splendid called the Cuisinart Soup Maker! I confess that I didn’t buy this for myself, as this would’ve been a rather ‘grown-up’ purchase for me! Instead, my marvelous mum bought it for me a few Christmas’s ago.
She is also a proud owner of this cracking bit of culinary kit and I must confess that when I first unwrapped it, I underestimated quite how useful this great gadget would be. Not only does it make smashing soup incredibly easily, but you can also use it to make smoothies, baby food, starters, relishes, dips, dressings, sauces, desserts and drinks! I kid you not! This is because the Cuisinart Soup Maker comes with its own special recipe book!
The product itself is amazingly easy to use and the recipe book is very straightforward. I have made the sweet potato and red pepper soup (which can be easily adapted to a butternut squash soup, by simply substituting the sweet potato), the carrot and coriander soup and the chocolate and cherry pots from this accompanying recipe book. They all turned out wonderfully and the chocolate pots were just to die for! In fact, you can make many of these recipes ahead of time and either freeze them, or keep them in the fridge ready for a dinner party, or a cozy night-in.
If I had to give the Cuisinart Soup Maker marks out of 10, it would be a resounding 10 from me! Having said this, there are 2 points of note that I would like to mention. The first being that the Cuisinart Soup Maker’s blades are spectacularly sharp! Please bear this in mind and use a long-handled washing-up brush to clean around its blades! Apart from this, it’s really easy and quick to clean after use. The other thing to say, is that you often need to add stock of course when making soup. If you are using stock cubes like myself, (I often use the ‘Kallo Organic’ range of stock cubes, because they are low in salt), you simply need to crumble the stock cube onto your soup ingredients in the large heat-resistant glass jug of the Cuisinart Soup Maker and pour the correct amount of COLD water on top. Since this cunning gadget heats and cooks your soup as well as blending it all, you don’t need to add hot stock to it! I fear that if you did, this clever contraption with its glass jug may explode and we wouldn’t want that now!
I’m sure the Cuisinart Soup Maker is available from most good culinary stockists. However to save you hunting, here are the links to it on Amazon, and here.
Wishing you all a fabulous fall!