With Christmas and New Year just around the cold and chilly corner, not only are we heading into the season of goodwill, with our stockings laden with presents and our tummies filled with festive food, but I’m sure we’ll all be going to one or two parties over the festive spell!
With this in mind, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on a particularly brilliant product that I can’t live without! It’s something I use every day (because I’m a rather girlie creature and love all things shimmery and sparkly!) and I add a sniff more of it, when I’m getting ready for a party!
The perfect ‘pick-me-up’ and instant glamour item I’m talking about, is the ‘Rockin Body Shimmer Powder‘ by Victoria’s Secret. I had never come across it before until this summer, when I discovered it in duty-free, whilst returning home from our summer holiday to Jersey in the English Channel. 
As stated in its name, this fabulously golden and shimmery powdery, can be applied anywhere on your body for an extra bit of warm skin tone and sparkle. I use it every day on my cheek bones, bridge of my nose and chin, instead of using blusher or bronzer. It’s super easy to use, as it has a brush attached at one end of it and the shimmer powder is in the base, directly under the brush. As you turn it upside down, the powder comes down the base and into the brush, ready for you to apply. Just genius! 
Like all powders, there will occasionally be flakes of powder that fall to your floor when you’re applying it. But the good thing is, this powder doesn’t stain and can be brushed up off the floor, or wiped off a surface. Should it go onto your clothes, again it will wash out. 
All in all and in my humble opinion, this is a perfect party product and one that I’ll happily give ten out of ten for! It currently costs $25.99 on Amazon.com (please see the link below) but I’m sure you can purchase it from other reliable beauty retail outlets. 
Happy party time everyone and may you sparkle and shimmer away all evening!