Motherhood can be an emotional exhausting journey. We spend endless hours all day and all night caring for our babes. So for me, nap time is that little piece of heaven sent down to us to regain a little bit of our sanity. Really, it’s okay to cherish nap time!

As a first time mom, I always felt guilty for slightly loving nap time a little too much. But now, as a second time mom with an extremely energetic 18 month old daughter and very snuggly newborn baby boy, I realize that it’s honestly okay to enjoy nap time.  I mean, why shouldn’t we?                                                   

When lunch time comes around the corner and my kids and I know what’s coming up next, I’m ready to do a little happy dance. Not because I don’t cherish spending time with my children, but because it’s the only time of the day I get a little “me” time.

Personally, I need nap time so much that as soon as both babies are snoozing, I tip toe as slowly and softly as I can throughout the house. Completely freezing in my footsteps until the stirring in the baby monitor stops. I will even hide in the closest just to open a soda can just so the loud “pop” doesn’t startle my sleeping beauties.

Sometimes I’ll silently tell myself I should clean the dishes and fold those 3 baskets of clean laundry while they’re napping. Or I’ll think about how I should pick up all the toys on the floor and strive for that imaginary housewife of the year award. But seriously, why bother? My little princess is just going to pull them all back out as soon as she wakes up from her slumber. And hey, at least the laundry is clean. Why does it have to be folded too?

Instead, I’ll likely start nap time with a relaxing hot bath. Then I’ll spend just a few minutes putting on a little make-up. Because someone once told me that a woman who feels good about herself stays happy and motivated. I might even spend nap time sitting on the couch in complete peace and quiet, while playing on the computer. Or if it was a really long week, I’ll lay down and take a nap myself!

I can’t tell you exactly how I’ll spend nap time tomorrow. But I can promise you that by time my children wake up from their nap, I’ll be a whole new momma. Taking that little bit of “me” time, really replenishes me so that I’m ready to entertain my circus again