Why Happiness Lies In The Kitchen

I like to think of the kitchen as the heart of the home.  I didn’t come to that conclusion until I became a mother, but it really does seem to be true.  The kitchen is where everything happens. It’s become this magical place where family comes together, where things get done and I’m beyond convinced that happiness lies in the kitchen.


My daughter just turned three and she LOVES helping me cook.  She puts on her little apron and pulls out her stool just to be able to see the counter. She has become so independent.

She asks to taste everything – and I let her even when I know she won’t like it – I want to encourage that sense of adventure when it comes to food.  I warn her of course, like the other night when she insisted on trying uncooked asparagus.  So I gave her a small piece of the tip.  She threw it in her mouth and immediately regretted it. It didn’t stop her from eating the asparagus once it was cooked, thank goodness.

Like any couple, my husband and I have developed “inside jokes” over the years mostly because of stupid things one of us has said or done. Some of these jokes float away, never to be talked about again. While others stay with us years later.  Like the one we have about the “Chicken River” while I was making chicken soup one day early in our relationship. It was so silly at the time, but it was so memoriable and made us both laugh until we cried that it made it into our wedding vows. (I can only imagine what everyone else thought of it!)

Some of our fondest memories are in the kitchen.


When friends and family come together, we seem to almost naturally gather in the kitchen. Whether it’s to help with food prep or clean up or to grab another drink and chat a bit, it always seems to happen.

Or if you’re like us and have two small children, you find yourself just running through the kitchen just trying to keep up with the kiddos.


This reason was the reason for this entire article.  Let me explain. Because of some things our family is going through (which I’ll hopefully be able to share soon) our family is now living in a small two bedroom apartment. The four of us, it’s been interesting to say the least.  Our kitchen has a large kind of island or bar area between the kitchen and the living room and it drives me absolutely crazy.  It has become the “catch-all” for clutter.  My husband comes home and drops his keys on it and whatever might be in his pockets.  My kids put their toys up there, drinks are left there and other dishes because we don’t want to walk around it to put them in the sink.  Just random odds and ends that we don’t know what to do with because we have no space end up there.  And I can’t handle it.

Finally yesterday I took the day and cleaned the entire kitchen.  I found a spot for everything, and thoroughly cleaned off every surface, small appliance and dish I could find.  That included this kitchen island of misfit things.

Once I was done, I took a step back and just felt so relaxed.  Nothing on the counters except what was supposed to be there. Including the beautiful bouquet of flowers my husband got me for Valentine’s Day which now could clearly be seen rather than cluttered with “stuff”. I seriously felt such a sense of relief. It just made me calm.  It’s amazing how cleaning something can do that.

How do you feel about your kitchen?  Is it the center of all the buzz at your home? Is it your calm? Let us know in the comments!