2017 Ultimate Gift Guide for Preschoolers and Kindergartners

This really is the ultimate gift guide for preschoolers and kindergartners.

We’ve gotten together a slew of gift guides to help you find the perfect gift in one awesome place!  These bloggers are expreienced moms giving their honest thoughts on the best gifts for your little one (or a little one you know).  So let’s dig in!

It’s blocks only better.  These magnetic tiles are going to be hours of building fun for your child.  This 60 piece set will be expainding their imaginations!

Looking for some more building toys and gadgets?

Check out Little Mama Jama’s awesome gift guide!

Seriously loving the idea of a talking microscope.  It’s not only fun to look at and learn from seeing and trying out new things, but your child will be able to listen along to things they might not have been able to otherwise.  Awesome educational toy that will feed their imaginations!

Looking for gifts for your little princess?

Look no further than Seaside Sundays

Because it’s freakin’ Teddy Ruxpin!!!  Maybe I’m feeling my age a bit and day dreaming about my childhood but I remember LOVING Teddy.  

The fact that they brought him back is amazing and even though admittedly the eyes are a little creepy in this pic, he’s far less creepy in person.  And will give you a fond memory you can share with your kids.

Prefer homemade toys for children?

Seams Sew Lo’s gift guide totally has you covered.

I can remember my dad laying on the floor and using his back as a road to drive my little cars on or walk my little ponies.  I thought I had it good!  

But no, I was clearly proven wrong with this activity rug complete with parking spots and roundabouts.  Talk about awesome.

Learning toys go a long way.

I Heart Frugal knows all about gifts that help your child learn.

Help your child get yourgroove on and learn some problem solving with this adorable toy from Fisher Price.
Not only will they be mesmirized by the lights and sounds, but they can get creative as they grow and make their own “mixes” and boogie down!

Toys don't have to be complicated to be fun. Sometimes simple toys are the answer for young children.

Just A Simple Home has the answer.

I know, I know!  But I couldn’t help myself!  This was one of my all-time favorite games growing up.  And I totally cheated, I’ll admit it.  Oddly enough, I cheated to lose! 😛  
I always wanted to go down the biggest slide.  That to me was winning!  

So get yourself one and share that losing joy with your children! You won’t regret it.  

Love family time? Fun board games might be your answer.

Daily Momtivity has some recommendations for you.

These were all the rage last holiday season to the point where people were paying hundreds of dollars to get their hands on one.  Now they are much mor available and affordable.  

These twins are not only a surprise to your child when they hatch but they’re super cute.  

How about some high-tech ideas that encourage imaginatve play?

Homebound But Hopeful has some stellar ideas.

A family friendly game that everyone can play.  As a kid I loved getting family games for Christmas.  We’d open our gifts and spend the day together eating wonderful food and playing games like Hi Ho Cherry-O. 

We all had a great time and it was an excellent bonding experience that I still think of fondly. A little family competition never hurt either!  🙂