2017 Ultimate Gift Guide for Elementary (School) Age Kids

This really is the ultimate gift guide for elementary (school) age kids.

Here’s why.  We’ve teamed up with some awesome bloggers (who happen to be moms) from around the web to bring you not one, but 7 total guides in one easy place.  Plus, who better to recommend gifts for kids than other moms?

So you’ve come to the right place.  Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links which means that I'm making coffee money or receiving products, but I always promise to give you my honest review. 

Designed for kids 5-12, the Osmo Genius Kit is seriously a win-win for everyone.  It turns an iPad into an interactive learning tool to really engage your child and make learning fun!

Does your child love learning?

Paper Angels has some recommendations for you.

Through a smartphone, kids can make their dash robot come to life.  Whether he’s dancing, lighting up, making sounds, it will be tons of fun and entertainment for them.

Need more ideas for gifts that help your child's mind grow?

Look no further than Foxy Domestic Side

These Nerf blasters are inexpensive enough that you can gift one to each child, and have a battle royal hiding under wrapping paper or behind the tree for safety.

Looking for some unique gifts for kids?

Check out Just Mommin Around’s awesome gift guide!

Another toy that my daughter had from the time she was very little.  The bright shapes held her interest at only a few months old.  As she got older she’d serve us food or share with her brother.  Her brother would just try to eat it all!  🙂
A great gift from Leapfrog that will grow with your child.

In need of fun yet educational gifts?

The Quiet Grove knows the right gifts for you.

Admit it, you loved this ridiculously frustrationg game as a child.  Now it’s updated and wearable, perfect for your curious kids.  Watch as they unknowingly begin to play and the frustration begin!  You’ll smile, maybe chuckle and feel their pain – but it will be so worth it.

Travel a lot? You'll need some gifts for traveling kids.

Books, Kids & Travel has the answer.

Not only can your kids make this robot do some awesome things, but they’ll get to build it themselves! (And that means YOU don’t have to put it together).

Looking for gifts to inspire a love of science & engineering?

Pennies And Playdough’s gift guide totally has you covered.

This little guy includes voice commands, remote control movement, voice and sound responses and a motion sensor.  Some serious fun.