I can only imagine going past my due date.  You’re so excited to meet your little bundle of joy only to have your meeting day come and go.  These parents, decided to take things a bit further and served their unborn baby with an official eviction notice.

11923260_1144631585551211_5255612348801988779_nIt reads:

NOTICE TO: Pepper Dee Kempton

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED to quit the following described premises: Ellisha Danelle Kempton’s tummy, and to surrender possession thereof within twelve (12) hours of service of the notice upon you.  The reason for the notice is that you are occupying the premises without permission of the owner and without having color of title thereto.  If you fail to surrender possession of the premises within twelve (12) hours, you will be in unlawful detainer of the premises and judicial proceeding will be instituted for your eviction. 

DATED this 31 day of August, 2015.

Signed by Ellisha D. Kempton & Jake Kempton (Her husband and clearly a lawyer.)

The image was posted to the Facebook page of Kempton Legal PLLC with this caption:

This is what happens when you marry an attorney – your overdue baby gets served with an official eviction notice.

P.S. I will be out of the office today and tomorrow.

I sure hope the little one comply’s with the eviction notice!