Want more organization in your life? You’ve found it.

We have busy lives, and we have technology to keep us connected while we’re on the go.  Technology that can sometimes be confusing and stressful.  And sometimes fun is just what you need.  In comes CableKeeps from Nice, Inc. to take care of that for you.  

Before we get into the CableKeeps, I want to share with you a little information about it.  While reviews are fun, I think it’s really important to share exactly where the product is coming from.  Plus, sometimes it’s really interesting to find out how it all began. 

The long story . . . .
After the whirlwind success of my first Kickstarter project “PadPivot” . . . (we raised $190k in 60 days for an iPad stand).  I wanted to do another project, but I wanted it to be smaller, simpler, and primarily local.  PadPivot was designed remotely between Canada and the US, manufactured in China, fulfilled in Los Angeles.  It was a big project on a global scale.  
So I chose this simple idea and solution for an iPhone charger cable organizer to help us start a new brand.  During the process I wanted to challenge myself to the difficult constraints of made local (or made in USA), eco-friendly materials, and socially responsibility.  These values would then be embedded in the new company from go.
The product idea . . .
The main problem I wanted to solve was to find a way to keep the charger and cable together neatly when on the go.  During my travels I’ve often left one important component out of my bag or suitcase.  The second benefit was to provide some cable management so the cable is wrapped up neat in a bag or on the wall instead of flopping across the counter or hanging on the floor.  
As we worked through the function of the idea with 3D models a fin shape started to take form and the “fish” theme emerged as a way to be playful and transform the dull white charger into something with a little personality.  Another problem was my iPhone charger was always getting “borrowed” from my sons for their iPods.  I wanted a product that I could mark my own.  Adding colors made it so we could distinguish each others’ chargers.  
– James Young, President/Creative Director – Nice, Inc.

We discovered that we could use Goldie as a charging pedestal by accident.  So instead of iPhone sitting on the floor, it would be sitting on top of Goldie when charging.

Meet Goldie, the star of the CableKeeps line.Goldie_Wall_1  Goldie is for iPhone.  Goldie helps you turn your boring iPhone charger into something fun.  Goldie is there for you so that your cable and charger can stay secure in one place.  Not to mention, it will keep your cord secure and tangle free no matter if it’s in your purse on plugged in.  

I had the opportunity to take Goldie on a trip and it really did take hassle out of worrying about my iPhone cord.  When we arrived and unpacked, Goldie had kept the cord secure and it was really easy to find, even in a messy suitcase. 

CableKeeps Review: NibblesNibbles is also part of the CableKeeps family; instead of iPhone, Nibbles keeps your iPad charger organized and secure. 

Seriously, both of these little fishies are great when traveling.  I don’t know what I did before I had Nibbles and Goldie to take with me on trips.  I always ended up with tangled cords or a cord disconnected from the plug.  Not this time.   CableKeeps are a great way to keep the chargers for iPhone and iPad just the way you left them.  And while this is a review where I got the item free to try it out and share it with all of you, it was totally worth it.  

Have you tried CableKeeps?  If so, we’d love to know what you thought in the comments!