I used to rock the hell out of sexy, I swear. But for me these days the thought of Valentine’s Day conjures up feelings of stress as I wonder where sexy has even gone. Call it having three kids, a husband who travels on a weekly basis, and zero time to spend on myself. Your issues might be different than mine but I know you get the gist. As a busy mom, I don’t have time to primp and preen or put any thought into the holiday like I once did.
I find myself wondering – Can I really bring sexy back this year, quickly? The answer – hell to the yes! And you can too.
I decided to get in touch with a few experts to help me figure out how to do this with only a few days of lead time.
My first thought was that I need to get my husband on board but I couldn’t figure out the best strategy. Most of the time we act like partners running a small business called Shuttling Our Children Around, rather than lovers. I spoke to Ossi Pace, family and marriage therapist at www.ossipace.com and she said, “The power of a romantic Valentine’s Day is in your hands.”
1.     I shouldn’t expect that my husband will automatically be romantic. Well, that shocked me. I mean, after all of these years is it possible that a husband wouldn’t understand that a wife would want him to be romantic on Valentine’s Day?
2.     Ask for what I need that will make me happy and fulfilled on Valentine’s Day. Husbands and wives are both different people with different needs. She said my husband cannot read my mind and I should put my ego aside and ask not only for what I want; but I should also ask myself what am I doing to make this happen. To be honest, asking seems a bit bold and unromantic to me but I could just let him read this article.
3.     Create romance and set expectations. She said if I want to feel close to my partner then I must make the choice to ‘lean’ towards him every day. Making him a cup of coffee every morning will go a long way.
My two-year-old has toys and stuffed animals in my bedroom. And, there is an incessant basket of laundry that needs to be put away. It’s daunting. I spoke to Andrea Walker owner of www.smartlyorgnized.com and she said, “You need to create a hotel-like atmosphere in your bedroom.”
  1. Create a calm feeling and an element of excitement by clearing the clutter. Nothing ruins the mood more than kids’ clutter that extends to an adult space. I should grab a basket and take the offending pieces to the playroom even the basket of toys that I keep handy to entertain her while I take a shower. I should put away the clean laundry and give the bathroom a once over.
  2. I can re-create the Westin Hotel’s Heavenly Bed by dressing my own bed with fresh sheets, even if it isn’t sheet changing day. It’s very sexy to slide into fresh sheets. I should think of it as if I were staying in a hotel and be my own turndown service who rolls the comforter back and fluffs the sleeping pillows. I can even add a decorative heart pillow or some chocolates as a reminder of the night to come. This idea is genius and my heart flutters just thinking about implementing it. Maybe I’ll even get a better night’s sleep.
  3. Mood lighting is key. She reminded me to check that my bulbs are all working in advance and use lamps for ambient light which is much sexier than bright bulbs overhead. I get it, she wants me to create the illusion of ‘special’. I can do that!
I caught up with Victoria DiPietro owner and make up specialist at www.bella-angel.com and she had some wonderful tips once I confessed that a trip to the salon before Valentine’s Day would be impossible for me. The main take away that I got from her is that being sexy is about how we feel and what we portray. If you believe you are sexy then you will be sexy! She said, “Nothing makes a woman feel unsexy like grays and stray facial hair.”
  1. I should use a grey touch up spray like Claudia Stevens Instant Root Touch Up. For unwanted facial, bikini and toe hair I should invest in the Wahl Trimmer. It is six inches long and can fit in my purse. I can even use it between my brows and it leaves a smooth finish. It’s great in a pinch. She claims that if my husband and I are going to get close to each other then I will feel better and younger if I’m all in check. Who knew? I’m buying one yesterday.
  2.  Victoria recommends exercise to stay healthy and fit. But, if I find myself feeling out of shape (how does she know?) then I should get a quick spray tan. She said if I have time for nothing else, this process will leave me feeling sexy and looking ten pounds lighter. If I really can’t get to the salon, I can use Neutrogena Micro-Mist Airbrush Sunless Tan on my face, chest, arms and legs. Once I put it on I should use a hairdryer to blow it dry and set it.                             .
  3. And guess what, even if I’m staying home for the night I should freshen up with a little eye base, mascara and light lip gloss. I’ll feel prettier and look fresh for my main man.
I asked Maggie Zakhary, Senior Manager, Educator and Consultant with Beauty Counter www.beautycounter.com/maggiezakhary for her sexiest chemical free tip and here is what she had to say, “Soft skin is my best advice to bring sexy back.” The great thing is that I don’t need much time or money in order to do it.
  1. All I need is a dry brush. It is easy, quick and beneficial to exfoliate with a dry brush as one third of of our body’s toxins are excreted through the skin. Dry brushing helps to unclog pores and excrete toxins that become trapped in the skin. This popular spa technique stimulates the body’s circulation and is an effective way to get your body looking svelte and smooth. And, I can do it quickly, in the shower.
  2. She added that to make it sexy I should have my partner apply a natural and safe body oil for a luminous sheen and relaxing massage. I like how this girl thinks. Not only is this sexy but it’s a time saver.
  3.  Most importantly I shouldn’t forget about achieving soft, kissable lips. I need to rub the dry skin off of my lips with a dry tooth brush and apply a nourishing lip balm that will leave my lips super smooth. Mmmwwwaaahhh!
So, there it is ladies. If we implement a few of these ‘quick’ suggestions, then maybe Valentine’s day will be a bit more exciting this year. After all, when I look into my hubby’s eyes, I still see my same old college flame. So, why not get burned by it again. In a good way. Let’s see how it goes. Hey, at least we’ll have some quality time together.
Let’s start the Bringing Sexy Back, Quickly movement. What tips will you try or have you tried to bring sexy back? If you try any of these recommendations, let us know how they worked out.