Since my daughter was born 6 months ago, I have spent a small fortune in batteries.  I used them a lot before, but our consumption of the little things has gone to ridiculously high levels because of our daughter. Every toy uses batteries.

No seriously.  Every. Single. Toy.

Toys, bounces, walkers, mobiles, every one of them uses batteries.

I wish I would have put them on my registry!

These baby toys and gadgets suck up so much power that I’m replacing them all the time.  So when I found Batteriser, I HAD to share it.

They claim to extend battery life by 80%! It’s a little sleeve that fits onto your existing batteries and helps you use all that energy that would otherwise be wasted.

They’ve got an Indiegogo campaign running now and they’ve raised almost $100,000! In one day!

All I have to say is that this little genius product will save me a bunch of money while making my daughter very happy.  I’m in.