I have to imagine that it’s harder for my fiance to raise our daughter than it would be to raise a son.  Don’t get me wrong, he wanted a girl and would have loved a son just as fiercely as he does our daughter. It’s all pretty much the same now, as she’s only 7 months old, but as she grows I imagine that the difficulties will become more and more.  So I want him to know it’s OK and that no matter what he is, and will be, one amazing daddy.

1. Girls aren’t like boys.

Maybe she will be into some of the same things that a boy would be, and maybe not.  Look at me, he loves the fact that I know so much about cars.  He hadn’t met a woman that had that type of knowledge before.  So maybe she will like cars, or sports, or any other thing that boys like.  Or she may like dolls, or baking.  Only time will tell.  I want to introduce her to all that we can, so that she can find out what she likes and doesn’t and make her own decision.  Even if it’s working under the hood of a car with bows in her hair.

2. He might actually have to learn how to braid.

He already knows how to put up a pony tail.  He practiced on me when I was pregnant. But braiding hair seems to be a far bigger struggle to most.  I learned from my friends when I was young, I suppose most boys don’t have that same opportunity.  But now that we have a little girl, I’d imagine the morning will come when Mommy’s at work and she’ll want her hair braided.  No pressure dad.

3. It’s OK if we disagree.

We’re both trying to figure out this whole parenting thing.  We both have ideas in our head about how it should go (that are vastly different than how it will go), and we have our own opinions, our own sets of internal rules we’ve already made for her.  So when the time comes that she’s misbehaved, or playing us against each other know that it’s OK.  We’ll figure it out together.

4. Polka dots and stripes don’t go together.

She might only be 7 months old, but I’ve already seen some questionable outfits on her.  Like that time you matched a pink shirt and pink pants (that weren’t even close to matching, or complimenting each other) and thought it was a cute outfit.  But I suppose, she’ll start dressing herself the same way before we know it.  So why not?  Let’s put Polka dots and stripes together.

5. Remember, you’ll always be the first love of her life.

Even when she’s grown and you’re walking her down the isle, giving her away (hopefully) to her soulmate, you were first.  You were the one picking her up, kissing her owies, wiping her tears away.  That was you. And she will never, ever forget that.  To her you’ll always be her first love, and to you, she’ll always be your little girl.