There’s so much excitement at the thought of becoming a new mom. You just can’t wait to see them, hold them, care for them.  And then the day comes along and you realize you had no idea what to expect.

Here is a random list of 25 things I’ve learned since becoming a mom.  Some you probably know, some might surprise you.

  1. Your baby does pretty much nothing for the first month.
  2. Even though she does nothing,  all you want to do is stare at her.
  3. You’ll find patience you never thought you had.
  4. While your on maternity leave, not only will you not know what day it is, you won’t know what time it is.
  5. Your conversations with your partner will now involve poop more than you ever thought possible.
  6. You won’t want to leave your new baby, not even for a few hours.
  7.  She won’t look anything like she did the day she was born in a few months.
  8. The first time she smiles will make you feel a joy you’ve never experienced.
  9. The first few weeks you’ll have no ambition for anything but your baby.
  10. Going shopping is much more difficult with a car seat.
  11. You’ll need one cart for the car seat and one for your purchases.
  12. You can’t just get up and go any more.  It’s a process.
  13.  You’ll have to plan every trip out of the house ahead of time so that there is enough time to get yourself and baby ready.
  14. Boogers are now a conversational topic.
  15. Bath time is not always enjoyable.
  16. You stop wanting to spend money on yourself and spend it all on her.
  17. You want the latest and greatest toys, even if she won’t be able to use them for another 2 years.
  18. The NoseFrida, or the booger sucker as we like to call it, is AH-MAZE-ING.
  19. The Blooming Bath Flower makes bath time so much easier.
  20. You have never truly known what tired is until now.
  21. Your relationships will suffer.
  22. You will have spurts of energy at the strangest times.
  23. It’s harder to kick the habit of eating like you did when you were pregnant.
  24. You will become a baby expert and frequent WebMD.
  25. You will feel a love unlike anything you’ve felt before.