This weekend we see pretty much everything run through.  From Britney Spears to High School Rankings, plus 100 years of beauty.  There’s something for everyone.

Starting this off with a personal note, yesterday our daughter rolled over for the first time!  (It’s the little things.)

You’re Welcome

Decorated Coffee

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Getting Things Started on the Right Foot 

While they may not have found a cure for stepping on legos (Those nasty lil’ buggers) They have come up with a phenomenal idea.  Meet Rebrickable, the cure for the masses of legos jumbled together.  They’ve come up with a solution to give your little builders some direction after the kit they first assembled is mixed in with everything else.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Britney Spears is hitting the books

Quote: “They go to a really hard school, and this week we had three hours of homework [a night]”

The Gist

Being the good mom she is, Britney is a little worried about 5th grade next year for her son.  He’s starting pre-algebra so she’s hitting the books to make sure she knows her stuff to help her son out with homework.

Can you say awe?

Color So Moist It Licks Your Lips?

Strange right?  That’s what we thought too but not if you were back in the 1980’s. Maybe I should remember this from my childhood?

Quote: “Women still want lush lashes and brows and perfect skin 100 years later”

The Gist

That’s mind boggling to me.  Over the centuries definitions of women’s beauty has changed.  From the full figured curvy women you see in the most coveted paintings, to the stick thin ideals we have today, it seems like everything in beauty changes.  Not when it comes to make up.

We really do want it all.

Fewer High School Dropouts

The rate of students getting their high school diplomas is at an all-time high.

Quote: “As educators work to get even more students into caps and gowns, they are experimenting with innovative instructional methods.”

The Gist

High School rankings change year by year.  We’ve got 29,000 high schools trying to be the best.

Is your childs on the list?

Fab Weekend Recipe – Banana Maple Pecan Muffins

Get your muffin on here.

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