WTF Wednesday: All-Natural Rainbow Pasta (Ridiculous or Genius?)

WTF Wednesday: All-Natural Rainbow Pasta (Ridiculous or Genius?)

WTF Wednesday: All-Natural Rainbow Pasta (Ridiculous or Genius?) Creative recipes are great, but is this rainbow pasta too much? Who doesn’t love pasta?  With all the variety it offers, sauces, types of pasta, regular or wheat, even rice and glass.  Talk about...

Why Happiness Lies In The Kitchen

Why Happiness Lies In The Kitchen I like to think of the kitchen as the heart of the home.  I didn't come to that conclusion until I became a mother, but it really does seem to be true.  The kitchen is where everything happens. It's become this magical place where...

How Brands Are Getting Around Blogger Disclosure

Blogger disclosure is important when working with brands or influencer programs. Now, brands are trying to get around it. I've been blogging since 2009, and since that time a lot has changed.  I mean A LOT. If you've been blogging for any length of time, I'm sure you...

Is Home Automation Child-Proof?

Home automation makes our lives easier, but is home automation child-proof? Smart homes and home automation may sound cool, but if you have small children, you are probably wondering about child-proof these systems are. Is it safe? Is it...

Beauty on the Go: How to Speed Up Your Make-Up Routine

All of us could use a little more time in the morning. Putting on makeup can be especially hard for moms on the go, discouraging us from looking and feeling our best. Below we’ve put together some tips for all our beauty lovers who need a little help...

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Welcome to the Chaos!

I’m Catrina and I began Chocolate + Chaos after I had my daughter.  I wanted an outlet to share my experiences and the chaos that is motherhood. And maybe make some new mom friends along the way.

And that face I’m making?  That’s what I call my chaos face.   The kids just did something that I don’t even want to know…

You know the one.  You’ve probably made it before.

It’s my way of letting you know you’re not alone in this.

I hope you’ll share your thoughts, trials + errors with me! While parenting might be tough, I’m sure you can agree, there’s nothing more worth it.  I’m only an email away if you want to chat! Here’s to rockin’ this parenting thing through the chaos.

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